(UK/ 2007/ Mixed media animation/ 8:15 min)
 Peque Varela

In 1977, animation merges with personal photographs to tell the story of a girl in a conservative community struggling to come to terms with her gender identity. “At some point many of us struggle with our identity and how we fit into society,” Varela said. “The film talks about it from my own experience as a woman breaking social stereotypes in a heterosexual, Catholic, capitalist society and in a very small town where you can never be invisible.”

Script - Peque Varela; Cinematography - Neus Olle; Editing - Fiona DeSouza; Sound - Chu-Li Shewring; Music - Natalie Holt

Peque Varela grew up in Ferrol, a small town on the coast of Galicia , Spain. 1977 was her graduation film at the National Film and Television School, London. She says, “Animation requires a huge amount of patience… you have to be very passionate about your idea. 1977 is my first animation of such length - it took us a year to complete this 8 minutes.”