(USA-India/ 8 min)
Sonali Gulati

24 frames per day was conceived by combining 24 photographs captured each day over a period of 9 months. This daily meditation by the filmmaker photographing the front door of her "home" raises important questions around immigration, cultural stereotypes, and diasporic identity.

Sonali Gulati is an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Photography & Film. She has made several short films that have screened at over two hundred film festivals worldwide.

Sonali Gulati
says: I am particularly interested in working on issues of identity, in exploring not just neatly defined categories of race, class, gender, and sexuality but more importantly the intersections, overlaps, and spaces between these categories. I find myself questioning, pushing, and crossing boundaries of genre… by mixing traditional documentary with fictional narratives or even making the “fictional”  aspect of “documentary” more transparent.