Image Courtesy of Video Data Bank, www.vdb.org
(USA/ 2009/ 61 min)
Jules Rosskam

By sensitively framing the film through his own personal journey within the trans-masculine community, Rosskam creates an electric and original investigation into gender politics and social self-identity. Blending fiction, nonfiction, and experimental film genres, the film employs a genre-busting combination of intimate diary footage, stylized dramatic scenes, spoken word performance, faux audition tapes, and roundtable interview footage to explore and initiate a dialogue between feminists, queers, and transfolk about the way we construct personal and historical narratives. Careful attention is paid to the ways generation, race, class, and culture impact our understandings of gender.

Cinematography - Renato Velarde; Editing - Jules Rosskam; Sound Design - Madsen Minax

Jules Rosskam is an internationally acclaimed trans filmmaker, artist, educator and longtime activist who is dedicated to creating work that is by, for, and about trans/queer communities. His first feature film, Transparent, won critical acclaim and many awards. Rosskam is the recipient of numerous fellowships, awards and grants. He is now in production on his third feature film, Transfeminism.