(Spain/ 2009/ 53 min)
Andrés Rubio

The tiny pastoral village of Campillo de Ranas has become Spain’s gay wedding capital, and won international attention, thanks to its beekeeper-mayor Francisco Maroto. When Spain passed a law in 2005 on gay marriage, granting same sex couples the same rights as heterosexual ones, many mayors (who carry out civil marriages) were reluctant to follow through, but Maroto said: I do. Besides his progressive stance, he saw an opportunity to enrich local residents, bucking the trend of rural depopulation by promoting the village as a venue for same-sex weddings. This documentary lets the audience enter the town like a fly on the wall to watch how life goes on in a community where everyone is welcome.

Cinematography - Dani Galindo; Editing - Daniel Ramo; Sound - José Manuel Chillarón; Animation - Vritis; Music - Joseba Elola, Carlos Raya, Les Enfants Terribles.

Andrés Rubio is a journalist and
Campillo sí, quiero is his first film.