(Spain/ 2006/ 10 min)
Mariel Maciá

Ana and Lola arrange to meet in the park. Lola brings the flowers, Ana brings the doubts.  They share a park bench, making awkward first steps towards something new...

Script - Mariel Maciá; Cinematography - Alfonso Mazarro; Editing - Patricia Gómez; Sound - Douglas Belisario, Sergio Lozano; Cast - Isabel Sánchez, Diana Diez

  • Best Spanish Film & Best Short Film, LesGaiCinemad Madrid IFF, Spain
  • Best Dramatic Short, Qcinema - IFF, Texas, USA
  • Best Shortfilm, Sao Paulo IFF, Brazil
  • Best Video Shortfilm, Islantilla IFF, Spain
  • Best Actress for Diana Diez, Dunas Shortfilm Festival, Spain
  • Best Shortfilm, Cinegailast IFF, Gijón, Spain
  • Best Actress (Diana Díez), Festival Corto Dunas Fuerteventura, Spain

Mariel Maciá was born in Argentina where she graduated as an Image and Sound Designer. Afterwards in Spain she specialized in Cinema Direction. She has won prizes for the scripts of her short films
Goodbye and Leo and Abril. In 2008 she directed the hugely successful play Monólogos de Bollería Fina (Fancy Pastry  Monologues; pastry” or “bollería” being Spanish slang for lesbian).