GEVALD {A Queer Musical}
(Israel/ 2008/ 16 min)
Netalie Braun

Gevald was a spontaneous initiative by members of the queer community who volunteered to create this no-budget film to protest against homophobia. The plot unfolds in the Shushan, the only queer bar in Jerusalem (which has since closed). A religious woman, who left her lesbian lover to marry a man, shows up to warn her beloved that something dangerous is about to happen at the pride event the following day. The story is based on real figures and the participants are non-actors. This mixed-genre film includes drag performances and documentary footage of the riots that took place in Jerusalem.

Script - Netalie Braun; Cinematography - Avigail Sperber; Editing - Tali Hayat; Sound Design - Carmel Tzameret; Cast - Gil Naveh, Noga Meltzer, Adili Liberman, Samira Saraya, Elisha Alexander

Netalie Braun is a director of fiction and documentary films, a writer, a lecturer in film schools and the artistic co-director of the International Women’s Film Festival in Israel.