(USA/ 2005/ 25 min)
Gideon Boaz

Six gay men who are over 50 speak of identity, desire, prejudice, rejection, connection, loss and hope, and of navigating social, mental and physical changes. Along with universal issues that relate to aging, the film addresses concerns like coming out in a different era or at an older age, surviving the AIDS epidemic, politics, romantic love and sexual relationships.

Cinematography - Yvie Raij, Gideon Boaz; Editing - Oded Grober, Gideon Boaz; Music - Andrew Byrne; Sound Mix - Johanna Bystrom Sims

  • Jury Award, LGBT Filmfest, Spain
  • 3rd Place, Mikey/Schmikey Award for Best Short Film, InsideOut, Canada

Gideon Boaz is based in New York and Tel Aviv and specializes in documentary filmmaking and still photography.