(South Africa/ 2004/ 20 min)
Stanimir Stoykov

Admired playwright, celebrity and lesbian, Marylin, is found stabbed in the middle of her birthday braai (barbecue). The occasion and its guests were being documented by an American filmmaker. Using the tapes to search for a murderous motivation, this hilariously satirical whodunit unveils a wealth of quintessentially South African media and arty types.

Cinematography - Nicholas Petters; Editing - Stanimir Stoykov

Bulgarian born Stanimir Stoykov has been living in South Africa since 1993. He has produced and directed a number of independent shorts. His style has been described as “trashy”, but Stoykov prefers to describe it as “no budget glamour”. Over the past few years he has collaborated with some of South Africa’s greatest talents, like veteran actor Robert Whitehead and disco diva Tamara Dey. Stoykov references influences such as John Waters, Pedro Almodovar, Bruce LaBruce and Alfred Hitchcock.