South Africa package specially curated for Queer Nazariya 2010
Nodi Murphy, Director of the Out In Africa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Nodi Murphy has been a feature film scriptwriter, editor and producer, and a director and producer of documentary films. She co-founded the
Out In Africa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in 1994 and the Encounters Documentary Festival in 1999, both of which organise filmmaking workshops. She has sat on the First Appearance Jury (International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam) and the Teddy Jury (Berlinale).

Out In Africa had its first outing in 1994, to celebrate the inclusion in the Bill of Rights of a clause that would honour difference and minorities—particularly sexual orientation. Screening in large cinemas of the country's major cinema chain in four cities, the Festival was very successful and drew audiences of 20,000, including a string of Christian and Muslim protesters. In 2004 the Festival began an Inreach (transport and tickets for township dwellers), an Outreach (Satellite Festivals in small country towns) and the Filmmaking Workshops, which have produced 20 short films that have travelled the world and which celebrate being queer in South Africa.