(Canada/ 2008/ 25 min)
Ali Kazimi, Richard Fung, John Greyson

In 1915, two Sikh mill-workers were entrapped by undercover cops in Vancouver and accused of sodomy. Their trial becomes a fascinating case study of how police corruption, racism, homophobia, and a covert "whites only" immigration policy conspired to maintain the status quo of this colonial port city.
This collaborative video stages and deconstructs scenes from their trial, re-told four times, in four different styles/ genres.

Ali Kazimi is an award-winning documentarian whose films include Continuous Journey, Shooting Indians and Narmada: A Valley Rises.

Richard Fung is an acclaimed video artist whose tapes and installations include Uncomfortable: The Art of Chrisopher Cozier, Sea in the Blood and Chinese Characters.

John Greyson's films, videos and installations include the hybrid features Fig Trees, Proteus, Lilies and Zero Patience.