(Iran/ 2008/ 73 min)

Bahman Motamedian

Set in Tehran, the film tells the story of seven Iranian transsexuals who live pieces of their own lives on the screen. Their spirits are not at one with their bodies, a particularly burdensome problem in a society ruled by tradition and patriarchy. Motamedian says: “In this film, I tried to remove the frontier between documentary and fiction… I wanted to create some kind of suspense between real and nonreal and with this in mind, to emphasize on the flowing aspects of sex and sexuality… Khastegi is not a film about freaks or abnormal people… It’s a film about ‘our identity’.”

Screenplay - Bahman Motamedian; Cinematography - Homayoon Paivar; Editing - Behzad Mosleh, Bahman Motamedian; Music - Iman Vaziri; Sound - Hossein Abolsedgh, Dariyosh Sadeghpoor, Amirhosain Rasoli; Main Cast - Asghar Nejad, Ghavi Bal, Moghaddam, Sayanpoor, Foghani, Amjadinia, Rahimi

Bahman Motamedian was born in Tehran. He directed three plays of Eugene Ionesco and then moved to cinema as director and screenwriter. His Aquarium won the Best Experimental Film Award at the Festival of Nations (Austria).