Photo: Ruby Yang
(USA-China/ 2008/ 30 min)
Ruby Yang

In this most lyrical film yet by the Oscar-winning team of director Ruby Yang and producer Thomas Lennon, “Frog” Cui and his friends navigate the dilemmas of being gay in modern China, torn between the lures of city life and the unyielding traditions by which they were raised. Frog loves his parents: does that mean he must honour his duty to them by marrying and bearing a child?

Ruby Yang says: Tongzhi bars and clubs are flourishing in big cities throughout China. Gay men are enjoying freedoms that were unimaginable ten or fifteen years ago… We are witnessing the tipping point, the moment where old pretence is falling away, even if a new tolerance is not yet solidly here to take its place. This moment of change—profoundly uncomfortable, and unavoidable—is the subject of this film.

Cinematography - Yang Yishu; Editing - Gary Wong; Sound Editing - Kyrsten Mate; Animation - “Frog” Cui; Music - Bill Frisell, Brian Keane

Ruby Yang is a noted Chinese-American filmmaker whose work in documentary and dramatic film has earned her an Academy Award and numerous international awards. She lives and works in Beijing. Along with producer Thomas Lennon, Yang founded the Chang Ai Media Project (formerly The China AIDS Media Project) in 2003. Yang has also edited several feature films.