(Canada/ 2006/ 9 min)
Loree Erickson

Want weaves together sexually explicit images with everyday moments and scenes of the ableist world. It works to get people hot and poses an insightful, complex, honest, and sexy image of disability.

Cinematography - Loree Erickson, David Findlay; Sound, Editing - Loree Erickson

  • Best Short Documentary, NYC Cinekink Filmfest
  • Feminist Porn Award for Sexiest Short, Canada
  • Outsiders Award, London
  • Riley-Metzger Queer Voice Award, Fairy Tales X Filmfest, Calgary

(Canada/ 2006/ 3 min)
Loree Erickson

Sexxy compels the viewer to take a closer look at wheelchairs and the people who use them.

Cinematography, Sound, Editing - Loree Erickson

Loree Erickson says:
I am a poly queer femmegimp porn star academic doing a PhD at York University. My work is a synthesis of theoretical engagement (drawing on feminist, queer, trans and disability studies) and critical artistic creation (via photography/ video), both of which are motivated and shaped by personal experience and activist ideals… I am the proud creator of an internationally recognized hot video called want and love traveling to lecture, facilitate anti-oppression as well as sex and disability workshops, and meet amazing people. I also love sun, sparkly things, and social justice.