(USA/ 2005/ 22 min)
Jennie Livingston

Is Alixe and Gwen's sexual disagreement the cause of their problems, or are their problems the cause of their sexual disagreement? What's more real, our fantasies, or what we actually do? In Who's the Top? there are no right answers, just musical numbers. The filmmaker says, “Who's the Top? is about people’s fantasies - about what we see in our mind’s eye. It depicts consensual sex that's far less risky than a game of football or soccer. A film that explores how our sexual imaginations contain violent imagery is not an advertisement for violence. Meanwhile, films that emphasize the gratuitous spectacle of killing are no problem - framed, as they often are, as a contest between ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’.”

Script - Jennie Livingston; Cinematography - Michael Barrow, Derren Lew; Editing - Annette Davey, Jennie Livingston; Sound Design - Anne Pope; Choregraphy - John Carrafa; Cast - Marin Hinkle, Brigitte Bako, Shelly Mars, Maureen Angelos

  • Best Short, Sapphie Awards
  • Best Women's Short, Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian FF
  • Best Short, Female Long Island Gay & Lesbian FF
  • Best Comedic Short, Qcinema - Fort Worth Gay & Lesbian FF
  • Best Short Film, Mezipatra Czech Republic 2007
  • Best Narrative Short, Cinekink

Jennie Livingston studied painting and photography at Yale. Her Paris is Burningwon the 1991 Sundance Grand Jury prize, the LA and New York Film Critic's prizes and made several ten best-film-of-the-year lists. She recently completed a short documentary, Through the Ice, and has written several screenplays, essays, and magazine pieces. Her current projects include a personal documentary, Earth Camp One, about how she lost four family members in five years.